Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Q3 2009 SP1s now available, Telerik CDN live

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, Telerik has delivered some early gifts for your immediate download and enjoyment. The first round of service packs for all of the Q3 2009 Telerik developer tools are now waiting for you download on Telerik.com. If you've been following @Telerik on Twitter, you'd know that we've been releasing these SPs over the last week, but now all products have their updates.

I'll share some highlights from SP1 below, but first I want call extra attention to the new Telerik CDN (Content Delivery Network). Live with the Q3 2009 SP1 release of the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, this new Telerik provided CDN is a new way for you to further optimize your Telerik web applications. CDN's allow you to download CSS, JavaScript, and image resources from remote servers, putting bits closer to users (for faster access), overcoming browser concurrent request limits and improving the "shared cachability" of these bits. I'll talk more about the Telerik CDN in the future, but for now be sure to read Tsvetomir's post on the Telerik Blogs.
Finally, here are some things you don't want to miss in Q3 2009 SP1 (and a quick "official" version number reference with direct link to the release notes):
  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX [2009.3.1208.1]
    • [New] Telerik CDN + Auto support for CDN in "Manager" controls
    • [New] Windows 7 common skin
    • [VS Extensions] Improved support for VS2010 Beta + CDN support
    • [RadScheduler] New visual cue for non-visual appointments
    • [RadRating] New DbValue property (primarily to support DbNull values)
    • 14+ fixes for RadEditor
    • 20+ fixes for RadGrid + new "DefaultInsertValue" property
  • RadControls for WinForms [2009.3.1203.1]
    • [TPF] Animation loops now possible + More perf optimizations
    • [RadDock] Many new properties for easier config + VS 2008 Theme
    • 15+ fixes for RadGridView + New features, like select column cells on header click
  • RadControls for Silverlight/WPF [2009.3.1208.1]
    • Significantly improved VS 2010 support (Toolbox, Designer preview, Property browsing)
    • TONS(!) of improvements, fixes, and changes in RadGridView (new things like Delete key support, programatic pre-filtering support, ability to control "insert row" visibility, etc.)
    • [RadScheduler] Localization of time markers
    • [RadMenu] Fixed memory leaks
    • [RadRibbonBar] Now has a Windows 7 theme that matches Office 14
    • [RadMap] New support for OpenStreetMap + New extensibility options
    • (NOTE: To run the Q3 2009 SP1 demos locally, you need might need WCF RIA Services Beta for VS 2008 installed.)
  • [Beta] Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC [2009.3.1210.1]
    • [New] Windows 7 common theme (matches Ajax theme)
    • JavaScript size and perf optimizations for all extensions
    • Items that are selected are now expanded by default
    • [Grid] 2+ columns can now be filtered
    • [Grid] Screen bounds detection for filter menu
    • [Menu, Panelbar] Hierarchal item support
    • [TabStrip] Support for nested tabstrips
  • OpenAccess ORM [2009.3.1119.1]
    • [LINQ] Server-side support for SingleOrDefault
    • [LINQ] Improved JOIN support with filtering and ordering
    • [Backend] Several fixes for SQL Server and MySql support
    • [General] Improved VS 2010 Beta support + Enhanced project wizards
  • Telerik Reporting [2009.3.1211.1]
    • Improved VS 2010 report designer support
    • [Silverlight Viewer] Many fixes and new features (like SSL support and support for Telerik themes) + New API reference
    • Minor fixes for both WinForms and WebForms viewers
    • [PDF Rendering] New support for bookmarks and document map
  • JustCode [2009.3.1211.1]
    • (While not technically a "SP1" release, there is a new build of JustCode you shouldn't miss, so I thought I'd include details.)
    • Many performance improvements across all operations
    • [New] Syntax colorization support (disabled by default for now)
    • [JavaScript] New support for "Extract Method" (covering basic scenarios)
    • 20+ fixes across C#, VB, ASP.NET, and HTML features
Phew! That's a lot of updates. Enjoy the bits!


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