Friday, April 29, 2011

BOF Sessions at TechEd 2011

TENA2011_L_AttendingIn addition to being a speaker at TechEd 2011, I also have the privilege of hosting a few Birds of a Feather (BOF) discussions in Atlanta. If you've never attended a BOF session, these are essentially moderated conversations around specific technical topics where the value of the session comes from the exchange of ideas and feedback from fellow attendees. As a BOF moderator, it's my job to keep the conversation "on the rails," and make sure a great exchange of information is had. Believe or not, the BOF sessions at TechEd 2010 were the highest rated sessions at all of TechEd!

For my part, I'm hosting or co-hosting three different BOF sessions this year (some of the title's were changed by the BOF organizers- in other words, I'm not a huge fan):

  • Silverlight, Flash, and HTML5/CSS: And the Winner Is? (BOF02-DEV)
    Hate the title, but the idea is a discussion about Silverlight and HTML5 (and I guess Flash, to some degree) and discussing which technology is "right" for various kinds of development. The idea of a "winner" is INETA's, but the discussion will be a frank discussion of how to choose between these competing rich options.
  • How on Earth Do I Keep Up with All the New Technologies That Come Along? (BOF06-DEV)
    Another beautiful INTEA title, but the concept is simple: how do you survive the tech fire hose? With so many new technologies hitting every day (iOS, WinPhone, HTML5, IE9, etc.), it can be quickly overwhelming to try to keep-up. This discussion will cover the practical challenges and solutions for surviving and flourishing in this environment.
  • Choosing Between WebForms, MVC, WebPages, Dynamic Data, and More (BOF08-DEV)
    Finally, this BOF discussion will address ASP.NET specifically, and how you should tackle the growing number of ASP.NET variants. Do you need to learn them all? Is one better than the other? Let's talk about it and figure it out.

If you're in Atlanta and going to TechEd, be sure to add these BOFs to your schedule, and swing-by for a good open conversation. For a complete overview of all BOF sessions at TechEd 2011, tune-in to the TechEdBOF blog.