Thursday, May 05, 2011

Join me at DevTeach 2011 in Montreal

DevTeach2011-125x125While the Canadian government is the biggest fan of me at border crossings, I will be making one trip to the Great White North this spring to speak at DevTeach 2011 in Montreal. This is an amazing community conference- 3 days, over 90 sessions, plus pre- and post-conference workshops. If you're in, around, or able to get to Montreal for this event, you definitely should. It's only XX, which is a bargain for this kind of training.

I will be presenting a session on ASP.NET MVC on Wednesday, so if you're a WebForms developer still trying to understand MVC and some of the different concepts it represents, don't miss this targeted talk. It's early, but it'll be worth it.

I'll also be hosting a "open discussion" on Tuesday during the lunch hour talking about "Silverlight, HTML5, and the Future of the Rich Web."  This will be a fun, interactive conversation about two very interesting technologies and a chance for you to actively share your opinions. The lunch conversation is sponsored by Telerik, so we'll be providing free ice cold beer! That should make the conversation more fun. Don't miss it and don't be late (first come, first served).

In fact, Telerik is a sponsor of the entire DevTeach event, so don't miss our other speakers (Joel Semeniuk, Phil Japikse) and our other lunch-hour bonus sessions (happening on Wednesday and Thursday, also with free beer). It should be a great time and it all starts on May 30th. See you in Montreal soon!


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