Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Service Pack 1 now available for Q3

If you've been waiting for Q3 SP1, then wait no longer. The first service pack for the Q3 release of r.a.d.controls is now available on the Client.net pages for all active telerik customers. This release includes a number of bug fixes for all r.a.d.controls and it delivers a few small control enhancements. Specifically, there are updated versions of ajax, calendar, combobox, editor, grid, panelbar, spell, splitter, toolbar, treeview, upload, and window. Among the enhancements are new client side events for upload and treeview and a new client-side property for ajax. Two new properties were added to splitter that should be helpful for anyone trying to use splitter as the main layout container for their site: FullScreenMode (which if true causes splitter to fill the screen) and HeightOffset (a property that allows you to tweak the height of a splitter defined in percents). Perhaps most significant in SP1, though, is full support for the brand new IE7 and FF2 browsers. By delivering support for these browsers (both of which are expected to launch in the next few weeks) in SP1, telerik is one of the first ASP.NET component vendors to officially support the next generation browsers. That's a huge plus for those of us who need to prepare our sites for the Windows Update push of IE7 later this month. Have fun playing with Q3 SP1. Now on to looking at what's coming in Q4...


Unknown said...

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Todd Anglin said...


Sorry for not having a link to the feed. I didn't realize that Blogger did not offer a link by default.

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