Wednesday, October 11, 2006

welcome to the telerik watch

Welcome to the Telerik Watch by Telerik MVP Todd Anglin! Telerik Watch is dedicated to previewing, reviewing, and demoing the newest controls that come from the Bulgarian masters of ASP.NET component development: Telerik. Inspired by the wildly popular SuperSite for Windows by Paul Thurrott, this site aims to bring the same level of attention and analysis to the products created by Telerik that Win SuperSite has brought to Microsoft products for many years. We will track the Telerik Road Map and bring you the latest news on new control development and we will provide illustrated tutorials to demonstrate the use of new controls.

Todd Anglin is a Telerik MVP and an avid developer of ASP.NET applications. He has worked on projects for Fortune 200 companies and currently splits his time between supporting the Telerik community, working as a full time I/T Analyst, and growing a small startup company focused on building ASP.NET software as a service. Consistently awarded "Most Active Community Member" by Telerik, Todd has demonstrated a commitment to understanding the telerik controls and supporting the community of developers that relies on them to enhance their ASP.NET projects.

This is a site for the Telerik Community by the community, which means we want to know your interests. If there is something that you want to know about the telerik controls (that you can't find on the already exceptional Telerik website,, contact us and we'll bring the information to you here!