Monday, November 20, 2006

another Q3 update: SP3 released today

Only six short weeks before the Q4 release, telerik has delivered another service pack for the Q3 2006 release. It has been almost a year since telerik last delivered three service packs for a quarterly release (Q4 2005 matched the feat), so this has been a busy quarter for telerik and the developers implementing each service pack. The latest release delivers mostly bug fixes and enhanced support for a number of "special case" uses of the r.a.d.controls. There are, however, a few specific enhancements worth mentioning. If you were a fan of the PersistStateInCookie property of pre-version 4 r.a.d.panelbar, you'll be happy to know that the property is back. You can once again set this property to True and rely on cookies to keep track of the panelbar's client state. r.a.d.grid has added a number of new properties to the export command. You can now specify the filename and set the exported data to open in a new window directly from the ExportToExcel method (I'm not sure if the same has been added to the ExportToExcel2007 method). There are a myriad of other items in this service pack from new documentation for ajax, to "major performance improvements" in splitter, to continued support for the latest ASP.NET AJAX Beta 2. Check out the full release notes here. So before you leave for the holidays (if you're State side), be sure to visit and download the latest and greatest r.a.d.controls.


Seb said...

Hi Todd,

I was wondering where to find information about "how to" update the controls.

Is there a step by step guide ?

The thing is that I have modified some of the skins in my project. That means I can't just drag and drop the whole thing, besides, I'm not using all the 18 controls and I would'nt want to have "extra" files in my project.

Also because someone else will take over my project in 2 weeks and I'd like to prepare some packaged information for him.

Thanks a bunch !

S├ębastien Richer

Todd Anglin said...


With service pack releases, the only things you usually need to update are the r.a.d.control assemblies. Just replace the old .dlls with the new ones are you're ready to go. The only exceptions to that rule are editor, spell, and window. For those controls you also need to update the Scripts folder in each respective RadControls/[control name] folder.

Even with the major quarterly releases, you rarely need to update the skins directory. Except in cases where a control's definition has changed (such as panelbar in Q3), you don't need to update your skins with each release.

Finally, telerik does publish a "What's New" and "Changes and Backward Compatibility" document(and sometimes a full Upgrade section) in each product's help file with each release. That should help you deal with the situations where a control has changed signficantly in a release.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions.