Wednesday, November 15, 2006

input 2.0 delayed

Those of you waiting on version two of r.a.d.input (with new data type specific textboxes) will have to wait until Q1 2007 as we learned today that the major update will not be ready for the Q4 2006 release. The next version of input is supposed to include a number of data type specific textboxes for validating input, including textboxes for currency, percentages, and a "vanilla" textbox for accepting unmasked input. Telerik has said several times in the forums that input 2.0 would be in Q4, but it appears the work being done on WinForms controls, reporting, and major upgrades to chart, editor and spell have pushed input 2.0 back a few months. So update your project plans and don't count on seeing version two until March.