Wednesday, February 07, 2007

new perspectives, but not too new

It is with great excitement that I bring you some big news regarding Telerik Watch, Telerik, and Todd (that's me, but using three "T" words sounded cool). Beginning this week, I have officially joined the telerik team as a Technical Evangelist, leaving behind the world of working in a Fortune 200 I/T shop. This role will enable me to focus on the telerik controls and associated technologies full-time as Telerik continues to focus on delivering more than expected.

What does this mean for Telerik Watch? Can you trust the content here now that I am an "insider"? I think you'll find that this new arrangement will only improve the content you find on Telerik Watch. With more time to prepare posts for the blog, you'll begin to see in-depth performance comparisons of telerik controls, more tips and tricks, and (of course) the latest "public" telerik news as soon as I can share it.

Telerik has encouraged me to keep an unbiased "customer perspective" in my role, so don't expect Telerik Watch to become a PR spin machine (any more that it has been in the past). I will continue to deliver timely information to you, the developer community, and openly talk to you about how we can make the Telerik controls the best tools on the market.

So don't touch that proverbial blog dial! The best is yet to come on Telerik Watch and I look forward to personally delivering more than you expect!


Stuart said...

Cool. Good for you. More power to your elbow.

Johnathon Sprouse said...


Just wanted to say congrats man and keep up the good work!

- Johnathon Sprouse