Friday, February 02, 2007

Q is for Quintessential

As many of you now know, one of the bigger changes for telerik in 2007 will be the move from 4 releases per yer to 3. If you're like me, this left me scratching my head wondering what the new releases would be called. Since the existing naming seems to rely heavily on the quarterly release schedule, what would we now call our "Qx 2007" releases? Vol.x 2007? r.x 2007?

Telerik Co-CEO Vassil Terziev finally settled the issue in recent blog post. Little did we know, but the "Qx" quarterly release naming does not stand "Quarter x". No, no, no...the "Qx" naming stands for "Quintessential" release. It's all so clear now.

Joking aside, it appears that telerik will keep the "Qx" naming going forward even though the controls will no longer be released quarterly. So mark your calendars for Q1 2007 in April, Q2 2007 in September, and Q3 2007 in December. Q4, you'll be missed.