Tuesday, January 30, 2007

asp.net ajax source, new Toolkit controls

Here are a couple of news items from the ASP.NET AJAX front, a front that seems to be generating considerably more buzz than the Vista and Office 12 marketing blitz can muster. Scott Guthrie announced on his blog today that the full source code for ASP.NET AJAX is now available. The client-side code is available with a license that permits royalty-free reuse of the the code in open source and commercial projects, but the server-side code can only be used for debugging and general reference.

Also recently released were three new "controls" in the community supported ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (four if you count the AutoCompleteExtender that was moved from the official ASP.NET AJAX libraries to the Toolkit last week): Calendar, MaskedEdit, and Tabs. These controls are very similar to telerik's r.a.d.calendar, r.a.d.input, and r.a.d.tabstrip, but they obviously lack the full range of features, commercial support, and out-of-the-box skins telerik's controls provide. Nonetheless, these are great additions to the Toolkit and could be very useful in projects where telerik's controls are not available. Download the latest Toolkit release today to check them out and share your opinions. How do you think they compare to telerik's controls?