Friday, February 16, 2007

telerik Reporting beta 1 released!

As promised, Telerik has just released the first official beta of their new Reporting product. I revealed some high-level details about what you could expect in this beta earlier this week, but here are some more details about what you'll find in beta 1:

  1. Three new report items:
    - Subreport
    - Panel
    - Shape (lines, polygons, stars, arrows, cross)
  2. New report item events
    - Item Added/Removed
    - Item Data Binding/Data Bound
    - Item Begin/End Render
    - Report NeedDataSource
    - Report Begin/End Render
    - Begin/End Render Report Page
  3. New report processing model
  4. New design time improvements Style Builder
  5. Documentation is now included (yay!)
  6. VB.NET version of all sample projects now included
Clearly, this beta marks a major step forward for Reporting. One of the biggest features of this release is the included documentation, which up to this point has been missing. So if you've been sitting on the fence watching the CTPs go by, now is the time to jump in and start playing with Reporting. The final release of the first version can't be too far now...

Download Reporting Beta 1 now


Unknown said...

Have telerik set a price for the reporting library yet?