Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Prometheus" SP2 due Thursday

Another service pack for the Q2 2007 "Prometheus" controls is coming later this week. Service pack 2 will primarily address RadEditor "Prometheus" and will deliver a number of enhancements that the dev team has been busy preparing. Among the features RadEditor "Prometheus" will see in SP2 are:

  • Toolbar button tooltips now display in FireFox
  • NodeInspector module now implemented
  • AJAX spell check issues in FireFox now fixed
  • Genearl UI improvements
  • Table borders in preview mode removed
  • New dialogs:
    • FormatCodeBlock
    • ImageMap
    • ImageProperties
    • PageProperties
    • TableWizard/TableProperites
  • New toolbar modes supported
  • 3 new skins: Monochrome, Telerik, Web20
Clearly, the RadEditor team is hard at work making the next generation rich text editor for the web the best that it can be. Some of these improvements are already available in a pre-release hotfix build if you're interested in giving them a try. The other controls in the "Prometheus" suite will receive minor updates in SP2, and at this time a SP2 date for the other RadControl suites is not available. If you're forging ahead with "Prometheus" based projects, mark your calendars and grab this update late Thursday.