Friday, October 26, 2007

Todd Anglin on Silverlight

While I generally hate to refer to myself in the third person on this blog, "Todd Anglin on Silverlight" is really the only way to title this post. In between speaking at various sessions during DevReach, a couple of guys from pulled me aside to do a quick interview about Silverlight. The interview covers everything from the current state of Silverlight, how Telerik plans on supporting Silverlight, and even addresses the popular myth about the nirvana Blend/XAML workflow (a popular theme that week). The whole thing was recorded live to video and it is now available online (in a Silverlight video player, of course).

If you're interested in learning more about Silverlight or gaining a better understanding of Telerik's plans for Silverlight, check out the 30 minute video today. And if you're looking to hear more about Silverlight from men wiser than I, don't miss Lino Tadros' or Chad Hower's interivews on the site, too.


Pete said...

you came across very well in the interview. i always thought you more of a geek ;)

Todd Anglin said...


Sorry to disappoint. If you're ever at any big MS conferences, be sure to find me and I'll be happy to take you out for a drink. I assure you, the more I drink, the more geekier I become. ;)


Pete said...

lol ... glad to hear it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have pictures from DevReach in Bulgaria that can prove this :)

Joshua Starr said...

Good interview!

Anyone going to DevCon in Vegas this year?

Todd Anglin said...

There will be a whole crew at DevConnections in Vegas next week. I'll be there with about 7 or 8 additional Telerik folks. We'll be on the partner exhibit floor, so if you're there be sure to find our booth. It will be a large booth in the middle of the floor.

Be sure to stop by Lino's booth, too. They've got a new release of an incredible product that uses RadControls being showcased at DevCon.

See you there-

Pete said...

vegas sounds like fun - i wish i lived in america ... merr!