Monday, April 21, 2008

LIVE from DevConnections 2008 Expo Floor

Now that you've vicariously attended the big Scott Guthrie ASP.NET Connections keynote, it's time to visit the spring DevConnections 2008 Expo floor! The expo space at DevConnections is not huge- especially by TechEd standards- but it is packed with a lot of good companies showing their wares. And Telerik is on the expo floor this year in a big way- a big, big way. We unveiled for the first time our brand new, 20' x 20', custom-built booth!

The booth (pictured above and in a new gallery) features a ton of hands-on demo space and it has a couple of big screen HDTVs for large audience viewing. When you visit us at a conference now, it will be easier than ever for us to show you all of our great product demos and even let you take the controls and try the demos for yourself. We've also got a swank audio system pumping out the tunes from our demo videos, giving our booth a nice laid-back, modern vibe. I think we have more than a "booth" now; now we have "Club Telerik."

We've already had some great conversations on the floor with people interested in our controls. Our dedicated fans customers have also shown-up to say 'hi', meet some of the guys from the product teams (there are 5 of them here), and tell us how they're using our tools. That's always the best part of these shows.

Finally, we also unvield a great new t-shirt at this conference. If you've been to any of the big conferences Telerik attended in the past, you may know that we've established a reputation for always giving away some of the "best" .NET t-shirts you can find. Among our big "hits" from the past are the ".NET Superstar" shirt and the female-oriented "Geekette" shirt. This year, we're proud to introduce the very cool ".NET Ninja" t-shirt!

I'll soon post details (and a picture) on how you can win one of these shirts for yourself, so keep your feed readers tuned-in for continuing "live" coverage of Connections 2008.


Anonymous said...

Looks cool. Wish I was there. I want the t-shirt though.