Friday, April 11, 2008

Telerik Reporting Challenge open, Win a $1000

A couple of weeks ago Telerik started a brand new challenge focused on Telerik Reporting. In this challenge, we're simply asking that you send us a short 1 - 2 page case study outlining how you've used Telerik Reporting to handle your reporting needs. We're very interested to see how different people are using Telerik Reporting to create innovative and elegant solutions in the .NET community, so now is your chance to show-off your Reporting skills. And the best part of the challenge is that everybody is a winner! No, really. Everybody.

Here's how the prizes work: You submit a short case study telling us how you use Telerik Reporting with a few screenshots. Assuming you meet the requirements (which you should if you spend any real amount of effort on this task), you'll be able to select one of three prizes:

  • A free 1-year extension of your Telerik Reporting subscription license
  • A free additional Telerik Reporting license (for you or a friend)
  • A $300 coupon towards any Telerik purchase!
Easy enough, but it gets better. After the deadline for accepting new case studies closes, all approved case studies will be featured on where the community will vote on which case study is the best. The case study that gets the most community votes will win the big $1000 Amazon Gift Card.

So get cracking on those case studies. Even if you haven't used Telerik Reporting yet, download the trial, implement a solution, and send us a case study. You've got until July to create and sumbit a case study, so you have some time to come-up with a great idea and submit it. Make it innovative enough, and you may just have a nice little summer bonus waiting for you.

Submit your case studies now


Anonymous said...

Is there a comparison with Crystal Reports? How's it different from an architectural point of view. What works differently. What does it have that CR doesn't, and vice versa. Thanks.

Todd Anglin said...


Those are great questions. Answering them completely would be a little long for a comment, so I am going to direct you to the info on the Telerik website:

From there, you should be able to find the info you need or ask this question in the forums to get your complete answer.

Hope that helps!