Thursday, October 22, 2009

New articles published on Ajax performance and futures

If you are going to be "prolific" and live up to a company motto of "deliver more than expected," you have to multi-task. So somewhere in the middle of preparing a dozen sessions to present this fall, I also found time to author a couple of articles for some well know (in the developer world, at least) publications. Specifically, I have recently published articles in Dr. Dobb's and .NET Developer Journal.

The articles both cover areas that are within my primary realm of "expertise" (which is web development), but with two distinct approaches:
  • Practical Approaches for Optimizing Web Site Performance (written for .NET Developer Journal) covers tips and tricks for optimizing standards-based websites. Most of the tips are applicable to all websites, though there is some ASP.NET specific advice towards the end. Great resource if you're starting to "tune" your website for performance.
  • Ajax, RIAs, and the Future of Web Development (written for Dr. Dobb's), meanwhile, takes more of a "strategic" look at the future of web development, analyzing trends in web technologies to better understand what the future of web development will look like over the next 18 to 24 months. If you want to know what will shape the future of web development- the technologies you need to start studying now so you can get ahead of the curve- this article is for you.
Both are obviously required reading if you're a web developer, but I imagine that desktop developers, brain surgeons, and even small children will enjoy these articles. Be sure to share the links with your friends and stay tuned for more articles from the "industry influencers" at Telerik coming to another well-known publication near you.