Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Q3 2009 is live!

In case you haven't visited today, or joined me for the kick-off Release Week Webinar, or if you're part of the 50%+ that don't use Twitter, I'm pleased to announce that the Telerik Q3 2009 release is now live and available for immediate download on! This is the 3rd and final major release of this calendar year and as you know by now, it's a big release. All 7 (really, 8, if you count TFS tools) products in the Telerik Premium Collection have been updated and all of the new bits are available today.

To help you start checking-out the new Q3 2009 bits, I've rounded-up some links that you may find useful:
Updated Q3 '09 Online Demos [Learn by Example]
Updated Online Docs [Learn by Reading]
New Q3 2009 Videos on Telerik TV [Learn by Watching] [Much more coming very soon]
Download Q3 2009 Bits: Free Trials / Licensed Code
Helpful Q3 2009 Blog Posts
Enjoy the Q3 2009 updates and don't miss all of the contests and webinars this week designed to help you maximize your success with the Telerik tools!