Friday, February 26, 2010

Join me at South Florida Code Camp tomorrow

My how time flies- I almost forgot to mention my trip to the South Florida Code Camp tomorrow! This will be my 3rd consecutive trip to Southern Florida for this event, and every year it is a great time. Hundreds of .NET developers show-up early on a Saturday morning for a full day of geek learning. This year there are 12(!) parallel tracks, covering everything from "Intro to .NET" to SharePoint to Agile development topics.

I'll be doing two sessions this year, both in the ASP.NET MVC/Frameworks track:
  • 8:30 AM - Being Productive with the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
  • 1:20 PM - ASP.NET Fundamentals: ViewState Tips & Tricks
Neither session is "brand new," which should mean they'll run on time and be more refined than sessions fresh off the press. Both sessions have been very popular at previous conferences, too, so if you're attending SFCC, come early to get a good seat.
I'll be giving away Telerik swag, of course, with at least 1 Telerik Premium Collection at each session. I'm not beyond bribing you to attend. Everything starts tomorrow, Saturday, February 27th at 8:00 AM at DeVry University in Miramar. Telerik is a Gold Sponsor of the event, too, look for more Telerik swag to show-up at the end-of-day raffles and attendee bags.
See you in Florida in 24 hours!