Friday, February 12, 2010

JustCode Beta 2 now available, Support for VS 2010

justcode-screen JustCode, Telerik’s new Visual Studio productivity tool, continues to march towards its official v1 in the Q1 2010 release. The next major milestone in its journey dropped today: JustCode Beta 2. This release addresses many of the bugs that you have helped report over the last few months and it introduces some cool new functionality.

Among the most important enhancements in this release: support for Visual Studio 2010! This is something I’ve been waiting for now for a while and I’m very excited to add JustCode to my VS2010 experience. There are a few known issues with 2010, but we’ll continue to polish our support for Microsoft’s new IDE leading up to its official release in mid-April.

Some of the new features I find most interesting in this release:

  • New “Type Assistance” that automatically adds closing braces/brackets
  • New refactorings moving classes to new files and renaming files to match type names
  • Ability to set global filters for files that shouldn’t be analyzed for errors

You can get this update via JustCode’s automatic updates or you can download it directly on And don’t forget about PITS! If you want to track the open, in progress, and resolved issues for JustCode, you can do that in real time.


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