Friday, May 28, 2010

Looking ahead to Q2 2010, Part 2

futureExit A few weeks ago, I started sharing with you highlights from the rapidly approaching July Q2 2010 Telerik release. We looked at the road maps for ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, and WinForms and I hand-picked a few of the updates for each product that should get you really excited about what’s coming in less than 8 weeks time. But this is 2010 and a Telerik release means updates to 9 developer products!

What else should you be looking forward to in Q2 2010? Here are some ideas:

  • RadControls for Silverlight/WPF
    • [!NOTE] Only SL4/WPF4 builds will get new controls (v3 will be bug fixes only)
    • [NEW CONTROL] RichTextBox (incredible, Word-like editor)
    • [NEW CONTROL] TreeListView
    • [NEW CONTROL] RadFilter
    • New BusyIndicator being added to all controls for auto remote-request UX
    • [RadGridView] New multi-cell selection (foundations for advanced copy/paste)
    • [RadCart] New annotations, exploding radial series, log axis
    • [RadScheduler] Improved perf (UI virtualization), improved rendering, grouping
    • New theme and animations
    • Improved VS2010 support (Collection Editor, SmartTag)
  • OpenAccess ORM
    • Support for WCF Ria & Data Services
    • New DataTransporterObjects (self-tracking entities)
    • DataAnnotations support
    • Improved RLINQ visual designer (support for reverse & forward mapping!)
  • JustCode
    • [NEW] Unit Test Runner!
    • Enhanced XAML navigation and refactoring support
    • New visual cues for easier access to all features
    • At least 3 new refactorings
    • Improved code navigation and code analysis engine
  • Telerik Reporting
    • [NEW] Interactive reports (hyperlinks for drill down, navigation, & external links)
    • New data source components for OpenAccess ORM and EF
    • Improved Silverlight support

On top of all that, Q2 will also introduce the first official release of JustMock (including basic JustMock integration with JustCode) and TeamPulse (our new team planning tool). Combine that with the list of new stuff from my last post, and once again you’ve got a huge release coming your way this summer.

Fortunately, betas for Q2 are just around the corner. Betas will start shipping as early as next week (with a JustCode beta) and then continue shipping throughout June. Keep your RSS reader locked here for more updates as we make our way to Q2.