Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Toronto Code Camp wrap-up

toronto-code-camp So, yeah…in my busy haste to finish 1,001 tasks last week, prep a brand new HTML5 session for the Toronto Code Camp, speak at the South Houston .NET Users Group, and join Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for their Houston .NET Rocks! Road Trip stop, I kinda sorta ran out of time to actually mention that I was going to Toronto this weekend to speak. So, to kill two birds with one blog post, this is both your “heads-up” post that I’m speaking at the Toronto Code Camp 2010 and the wrap-up!

I presented two sessions this weekend, and I was pleased that they were two of the most popular sessions at the entire event. It always amazes me that people are willing to stand for 75 minutes to watch a session when a room is full. You guys are hardcore and get bonus points in my book. Thanks to everyone that attended the sessions, though! I hope you took away at least one useful bit of info.

My sessions at this event were:

  • Maximizing Ajax Performance – Not new, but always useful for people to see how Ajax really works and what you can do as an ASP.NET developer to get the most out of Ajax. Unfortunately, I was a bit rusty delivering this session in Toronto because I was prepping the next session…
  • The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML5 – Brand new for Toronto Code Camp, I’ll be doing this session a lot this summer and fall. This is your primer to HTML5 and a must see if you A) care about standards, or B) are a web developer.

Slides for both sessions are available below. The slide notes contain a lot of links to additional resources, so be sure to check them out if you’re trying to dive deep on these topics (especially HTML5). I’ll post code soon, but it needs some tidying before it’s “download ready.”

Overall, it was a great event and more than 600 developers ventured-out for the day of learning. Other than a more than frustrating experience with Canadian immigration cops, I had a great time and would encourage anyone to attend this event in the future!

The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML5
[Slides (PPTX)]

Maximizing Ajax Performance
[Slides (PPTX)]

[Picture courtesy of Joey DeVilla’s Code Camp Flickr set]