Friday, September 10, 2010

Join me in Canada for TechDays


The infamous Fall Travel Season is getting ready to kick into high gear, and first-up on my calendar is a trip to the Great White North for Microsoft TechDays Canada. In fact, I happen to be a National Session Lead for this year’s event, coordinating the “MVC for WebForms Programmers” session. TechDays will be hosted in 8 cities across Canada, starting with Vancouver next week and ending with Calgary in mid-December. I will be presenting at the kick-off stop in Vancouver next week week and then again in Halifax in early November. Most of the other stops will be covered by the talented Telerik Evangelist, Evan Hutnick.

While at TechDays, I’ll be doing two talks. First, obviously, the talk on MVC for WebForms Programmers will be a good intro session with practical tips designed to help long-time WebForms developers understand the transition to MVC. Second, I’ll be doing a “Power Talk” on Speeding Up Development Using 3rd Party Controls, featuring the Telerik Tools for Silverlight. We’ll look at how the RadControls for Silverlight are unlocking the power of the platform for LOB developers.

Oh! And as a great bonus for attending TechDays, Telerik will be giving RadControls for Silverlight licenses to all TechDays attendees! I’m not sure what it costs to attend TechDays, but I’d bet $1000 of complimentary software makes it a pretty good deal.

If you’re in Canada, register for TechDays now and come join Telerik (and me) as we travel across the country this fall!


Yurtdışı Eğitim said...

Join in me, ant together rule to the software world!. :) Nice header.

Anonymous said...

So close. If only it were the Ajax controls for free!