Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Q3 2010 Road Maps showing you the future (update)

futureExit Long-time Telerik customers know that the value of a Telerik subscription extends far beyond the high quality tools we ship, encompassing industry leading support, constantly updated training materials, and an aggressive release cycle that continues to deliver three major releases every year! While some companies continue to charge more while offering less, and .NET framework components evolve at “framework speed,” Telerik innovates quickly to deliver more value in a year than virtually any other software tools vendor. And now that Q2 and the first round of service packs are behind us, it’s time to start looking ahead to the final release of 2010.

Q3 2010 is once again shaping-up to be a huge release. It’s becoming a bit cliché at this point to tout a release as “huge,” but there’s really no other way to describe our Q releases as each subsequent release delivers more updates to more products. To help you start planning for what’s next, we’ve started to publish the Q3 2010 Road Maps for many of the Telerik products.

I’ll provide direct links to the Road Maps below, but first, some cool highlights from what we’ve revealed so far:

  • AJAX
    • 2 New Controls: TreeList and Button (richer versions of ASP’s LinkButton, ImageButton, and Button)
    • RadCalendar: New Range Selection feature
    • RadAsyncUpload: New Inline progress indicator
  • MVC
    • New Controls: TimePicker and DateTimePicker
    • Grid: Many enhancements, including Column Reordering
    • Accessibility improvements + some exciting secret work
  • WinForms
    • New Control: RadCommandBar (will replace RadToolStrip)
    • RadGridView: Adding support for ORM hierarchy, event-based hierarchy
    • RadScheduler: Adding in-place editors + Time Zones support
  • Silverlight
    • New RIA Data Source control (for even easier Silverlight data binding)
    • New XAP Optimizer! (improved version of today’s Assembly Minifier)
    • New Sparklines (for “inline” data visualization)
    • RadChart: Adding Drill-down and Interactivity features
    • New Theme: Expression Dark! (inspired by Blend)
    • [Updated: As can happen when looking in to the future, the road map for OpenAccess ORM has changed slightly since the original post.]
    • New LinqToSql converter (to help you transition from “dead” L2S to OpenAccess)
    • Improved Schema updates, WCF Data Service generation
    • New Database Support: Postgres
  • Reporting
    • Adding XML Report Serialization and Extended report interactivity (sorting, drill-down for table items)
  • TeamPulse
    • Adding TFS 2010 bi-directional sync

Exciting? Yes. For now, try to stay focused and productive with the Q2 2010 bits and start making time for the Q3 2010 launch this November. You can find full road map details using the links below.

Road Maps


Yurtdışı Eğitim said...

It seems like a very good web site but my English is not good. It would be great if it might be availible in other languages too. But, I like this web site very much, thank you very much share this information.

Steve said...

Hey Todd,
What's so major about MEF in OpenAccess? :) ...just don't know what it will help solve, can you perhaps give an example of what we can do with it?

The profiler however is a superawesome idea!

Anonymous said...

When are we able to use the Silverlight Controls in WPF?

Since Silverlight is a subset of WPF, it should be easy to port them to WPF. I'm asking, because we need an editor control in WPF.

Todd Anglin said...

@Steve - Well, the Road Map for OpenAccess actually changed a bit after I published this. Unfortunately, the Profiler and Extensibility will not be ready for Q3. When it is added, MEF Extensibility will allow anyone to create plug-ins for the OpenAccess Visual Designer.

@Anon - For the most part, all Silverlight controls are available in our WPF suite (they share a code base internally). In the case of Editor, it is new and simply needs to be thoroughly tested before it joins our WPF controls. The work is being done and it should show-up soon. When it does, it will share the exact same API as the Silverlight Editor. Hope that helps.