Monday, October 11, 2010

New Silverlight video player on Telerik TV, HTML5 playback

new-ttv-player While some of you are enjoying your Columbus Day holiday, I've got some exciting news to share that will make your holiday more enjoyable! Today, we are deploying a brand new video playback experience to Telerik TV. New videos added to Telerik TV will now use RadMediaPlayer for Silverlight for playback and IIS Smooth Streaming to give you instant start and skip ability. In addition, we've added support for HTML5 video playback, which means you can now watch videos on most HTML5 enabled devices, like the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

But we didn't stop there.

We have also added support for video chapters! That means we can now add chapters to longer videos, making it much easier for you to find that five-minute chunk you're interested in from a one-hour webinar recording (see some example chapters on this video). Today, chapters are only available on new videos using the new Silverlight RadMediaPlayer, but we aim to eventually make chapters available in HTML5 playback and on older videos, too.

Clearly, with hundreds of hours of video on Telerik TV, converting videos to the new Silverlight player will take some time. In the mean time, old videos will continue to playback with the Flash player you're used to seeing, but all new videos will be immediately available in the new Silverlight and HTML5 players. Over time, we hope to convert most of the older videos to the new format so you can enjoy the new playback features on all Telerik TV videos.

To help orient you to the new player and features, check-out this fresh Telerik Watch Minute. Give the chapters a try to see how they help you easily skip around, and see how Smooth Streaming eliminates the buffer delay.

So, let's review:

  • Telerik now offers video playback using Silverlight!
  • RadMediaPlayer powers the Silverlight playback experience
  • IIS Smooth Streaming enables super fast content delivery
  • HD MP4s and HTML5 video enables access to Telerik TV from devices like the iPad
  • Chapters on videos make it easier than ever to quickly get the info you need

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more great updates coming to Telerik TV soon.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY fast forward :)

You know what would also be something really nice is if Telerik published the Q&A periods of the webinars too...or at least talk about doing it. Often the meat of the webinars are in there. It's a bit frustrating having to catch it later (they're scheduled exactly at our work weekly meeting time), but we have no ability to see the entire thing.