Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Q3 2010 betas available now for testing

q3-2010-beta Want to start trying the new features coming to Q3 a few weeks early? Want a chance to impact design of the new features before we ship? That's what betas are for, and several of the Telerik products have now published (or soon will) their Q3 2010 betas. This is your time to try-out near final versions of the Q3 2010 bits and share feedback on the active Telerik Forums.

Betas are available right now for the following products:

Each link above will take you to the live Beta demos, where you can check-out some of the new features hands-on. Downloads for all betas are available in your account download page.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll share more details about all of the new major features available in these suites, as well as in all of the other Telerik products being updated in Q3 (which, for those counting, is now 11 different products!). There are some very exciting improvements in everything from OpenAccess ORM with a radically enhanced Fluent API to Telerik Reporting with its new XML report definitions, so I encourage you to set some time aside to look at the value in  the full Telerik toolbox and try a product you've perhaps overlooked in the past.

Until then, enjoy the betas and send us your feedback. Q3 is just around the corner!

BONUS! Here are some quick links to blog posts on the blogs talking about Q3 beta features: