Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Q2 2011 Webinar Week Info

q2-2011-webinar-weekWith the arrival of Q2 2011 comes the need to master a whole new round of Telerik product updates and new controls. Fortunately, there is a Webinar Week for that, packed with 10 live events designed to help you quickly navigate what's new. Each event focuses on a different area of the Telerik Toolbox, except the Friday event, which will help connect the dots between Telerik products and show you how everything can work together to build more "real world" applications.

The Q2 Webinar Week kicks-off on Monday, July 18 at 11:00 AM Eastern. Every day, except Friday, there are two webinars: one at 11:00 AM, and another with new content at 2:00 PM. All webinars are being recorded, too, so if you can't attend one of the live events, you'll be able to get the recording on Telerik TV.

Here's the schedule for the week:

MONDAY, July 18

  • [11:00 AM] What's New Q2 Overview & Data Tools
  • [02:00 PM] What's New for Windows Phone

TUESDAY, July 19

  • [11:00 AM] What's New for Web Developers (AJAX/MVC)
  • [02:00 PM] What's New in Telerik Test Studio


  • [11:00 AM] What's New for XAML Developers (SL/WPF)
  • [02:00 PM] What's New for Desktop Developers (WinForms)


  • [11:00 AM] What's New for Productivity Tools (JT/JC/JM/JD)
  • [12:00 PM] What's New in TeamPulse R2 2011 Beta [*Bonus Event]
  • [02:00 PM] Introduction to Sitefinity eCommerce

FRIDAY, July 22

  • [11:00 AM] Putting It All Together: Evolving Conference Junkie

Fortunately, we've also finally created a way to enable you to register for all of these webinars with a single registration form! No more repetitive registrations. Just visit the Telerik Webinars page, check the boxes next to the webinars you want to attend, and then submit the common registration form. Boom! You're registered for the Q2 2011 Webinar Week.

We can't wait to show-off all of the new stuff so you can start using it in your projects. Register today and we'll see you on Monday!


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