Monday, November 28, 2011

Q3 2011 Webinar Week, This Week!

I know. I've been a bad steward of TelerikWatch this year. Well off my normal pace of 200+ posts per year, TelerikWatch has been silent much more than normal. That's not for lack of activity and change at Telerik. Far from it! In fact, it's precisely because there is so much happening at Telerik that TelerikWatch has suffered. That said, let me address the news of the moment...

The Telerik Q3 2011 Webinar Week begins today!

Unlike the Webinar Weeks from the last few releases, this time we're doing things a little differently. With more than 12 products to talk about, we needed a new format that would let us cover more topics in fewer days, so with Q3 2011 there will be multiple webinars today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. The full schedule for the week looks like this:

Date Time Topic
Monday, Nov 28 9:30 AM Kick-off, Webinar Week Overview
11:00 AM Silverlight & WPF
12:30 PM Data Tools
Tuesday, Nov 29 9:30 AM Windows Phone
11:00 AM AJAX & MVC
12:30 PM Tools for Better Code
2:00 PM Test Studio
Wednesday, Nov 30 9:30 AM Preparing for Windows 8
11:00 AM Putting It All Together
12:30 PM Sitefinity 4
Thursday, Dec 1 11:00 AM Kendo UI Launch Webinar
(All times Eastern Standard Time)

To register for any (and all) of the webinars, just visit and use the super-simplified registration form. One form submission is all it takes to register for the entire week (if you have the time).

Since the schedule is kind of complex, and since a few of these events need some more explanation, you should plan on joining me, this morning (Monday) at 9:30 AM Eastern. I'll cover the entire schedule and explain in more detail how the week is going to work.

Each webinar will also raffle away one Telerik Ultimate Collection ($2000 value)! The more webinars you attend live, the more chances you have to win. We'll email winners within 24hrs of the event and post the winners to Twitter (@telerik).

That's pretty much it. Of course, all of this is happening because of the Telerik Q3 2011 release two weeks ago (which I assume you've downloaded by now!), and I'm very sorry I haven't blogged more about that yet on TelerikWatch. Make sure you catch all of the release coverage on the Blogs.

For now, we've got a full week of live web events for you to enjoy. It's not too late to register or to attend more webinars for more chances at prizes. I hope to see you online this week!

Register now for the Q3 2011 webinars