Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Shift in 2012 Telerik Release Schedule


That's the sound of me blowing the dust off of my old friend, Telerik Watch. For my loyal audience, many of whom joined me in 2006 before I joined Telerik, thanks for sticking around! I'm preparing another blog post that will go live soon explaining what's happening with my blogging, but many of you may be able to connect the dots if you're astute Telerik watchers. Until then, we have some business to address.

Telerik will be delivering all DevTools releases 1 month earlier in 2012, a permanent shift in our 3-release schedule.

In 2011 (and 2010, 2009), Telerik delivered its major releases with precision cadence in March, July, and November. This worked well, but we found that our summer and winter releases were hitting at less than ideal times of the year. July is peak of summer vacations, which hurts your ability to keep-up with our release news. And November is right-up against holiday vacations and end-of-year project freezes.

To fix this, we'll be shifting all releases back a month in 2012.

In 2012, the release cadence will be February, June, and October. Same interval, same great releases, just a month earlier. Of course, that means Q1 2012 will be shipping this month, just 3 months after our Q3 2011 release. But our teams have been busy adding new functionality and features, so this will still be value packed update (don't forget, we used to do 4 releases every year!).

So, update your calendars and start planning on new bits arriving from Telerik a bit earlier this year. We can't wait to deliver our 2012 roadmap, the first part which will ship in a few short weeks!


Murray Eaton said...

Excellent news as we have been waiting on a few fixes found in your internal builds. Keep up the good work on your outstanding product line!

Murray Eaton
Thomson Reuters