Monday, February 26, 2007

radControls in the real world

Quick Start Demos may be interesting, but there is nothing like seeing radControls in the "real world" to have the confidence that they'll work in your next project. There are more than 15 client spotlights on the website that accomplish this task, showing you how big projects have used the radControls to deliver stunning results (thanks to Telerik's beautiful UI design) on time (thanks to the "rad" in radControls) and on budget (thanks to radControl value pricing).

This month's issue of Dr. Dobb's Magazine (well, it's really March's issue, but you know how magazines work) presents yet another example of radControls in the wild. Avalinx, makers of, needed tools to help them make their web application feel like a Windows desktop application. Using a number of radControls, including grid, ajax, chart, menu, and treeview, Avalinx was able to quickly achieve the results they were after.

Have you ever found success with the radControls in a big project? Send me your story or drop a link in the comments and I'll feature the best examples in another post.