Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RadControls for ASP.NET SP2 released, WinForms SP2 delayed

The second service packs for the ASP.NET and "Prometheus" RadControls have been released (a day late due to some problems with the web site downloads). The latest service packs primarily focus on delivering bug fixes and performance enhancements across the controls, but there are some new features. Here are some highlights from the yet to be published release notes:

  • Handful of bugs fixed in RadAjax, including problems with Redirects
  • New features and enhancements in RadDock "Prometheus"
  • Improved Cancel button functionality in RadUpload
  • Improved JSON serialization performance across all controls
  • New property added to RadTabStrip that enables per-tab PostBack settings
  • (Full release notes should be online at the above link soon)
Meanwhile, the RadControls for WinForms SP2 release has been delayed until next week. The dev teams needed a few extra days to run final QA on the new code and decided to officially delay the service pack until next week so that they can provide timely support after the release (Fridays are usually bad for service pack releases because of the weekend). We apologize for the last minute change in the schedule, but we hope the improved quality of the release will be worth the wait.

Download the latest releases from