Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New blog: Code Campground

It is with great excitement that I bring you news about a new blog I started today. Dubbed the "Code Campground" (explanation in the welcome post on the blog), this blog resides in the "official" ASP.NET blog space. It is a great honor to blog in the same web space as major influencers like Scott Guthrie and Bertrand Le Roy, and I am going to work hard to bring great original content to this new .NET resource. Unlike this blog that focuses primarily on Telerik related news, Code Campground will focus more generally on .NET, brining you original how-to's, articles, tutorials, and commentary on .NET news.

Faithful readers of Telerik Watch do not lose heart. I will not abandon this space for my new digs on weblogs. Quite the opposite. I will continue to try to deliver 3 to 5 posts per week in this space and deliver a more manageable 5 to 6 posts per month at Code Campground. The content of these two blogs- while related- is distinct and I have plenty to deliver in both spaces.

For now, check out the Code Campground welcome post and add the blog to your RSS readers. New content will start flowing there later this week. Special thanks to Joe Stagner for giving me this new platform.