Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Q2 2007 Released!

After months of waiting, the second major release of 2007 is official and available on This release is packed with new features, new controls, and loads of performance improvements. Many of the details of this release have been known for a while now, but let's just review some of the major items we shipped today:

  • New controls: RadScheduler, RadCalendar for WinForms
  • Major updates: RadEditor "Prometheus", RadGrid 5 for ASP.NET, RadChart for all products, RadGridView for WinForms
  • New "Prometheus" controls: RadCalendar, RadChart, RadEditor, RadInput, RadWindow
  • New Telerik Reporting with integrated wizard and parameters
  • New CAB Enabling kit for WinForms
  • Overhauled WinForms demos application (with new carousel navigation built on Telerik Presentation Framework)
  • Tons of new documentation for all product lines (online tomorrow)

And that doesn't include the work were doing on Sitefinity, which will see its second major release of the year next week. Clearly things are busy at Telerik as we work hard to bring you the tools you need to make your lives as developers easier. A lot of work has been done for this release- there are over 8 pages of release notes for "Prometheus" and 12 pages of release notes for WinForms alone- and we hope that you enjoy the improvements.

Get started with the controls right now by jumping over to your downloads page, and then visit the forums to let us know what you think. Now, on to Q3!


Anonymous said...

Cool! Wait for So long.

Anonymous said...

So far, was able to find the new RAD calender in Winforms, but where is the mentioned new RAD Scheduler?

Todd Anglin said...


The new RadScheduler is in the RadControls "Prometheus" for ASP.NET suite. You can check out the live demos here:

RadScheduler Demos

Let me know if that helps.