Monday, September 24, 2007

Sitefinity 3.1 beta released

Amidst all of the activity surrounding the Q2 release last week, the Sitefinity team managed to hit a new milestone by shipping the first public beta of Sitefinity 3.1. This beta previews many of the new features that that will be introduced in the 3.1 update. I can't believe that I haven't shared a list of these improvements with you on this blog yet, so without delay let me highlight some of the cool new things coming to Sitefinity:

  • New module: Forums
  • Categories and tags added to Blogs, News, and Generic Content (finally!)
  • New! Site search added
  • New page edit mode
  • Improved editors for Toolbox controls
  • Templates to help jumpstart new projects
  • Integrated ActiveDirectory support
There's a lot in this update, so if you're a Sitefinity developer you should definitely start checking things out with the beta. If you still haven't taken the time to kick the proverbial tires, now is a great time to start. Setup your own personal website in no time with Sitefinity Community Edition and discover how easy it is to work with this .NET CMS. It really is as easy as working with a "normal" .NET website- something you can't say about all .NET CMS products.

I'll be posting some pictures of the new Sitefinity features later this week, so stay tuned for more updates. Until then, give the beta a try and share your feedback/bug reports in the forums.


Anonymous said...

Hi Todd,

The beta of Sitefinity 3.1 is really looking great! Exciting stuff really, it is like Christmas all over again! So now that Categories and Tags are working are you going to be moving your blog into Sitefinity :)

Enjoy your blog by the way keep it rolling!


Anonymous said...

Are there any good documents on teh forum module? I keep getting errors when posting to a test forum even though its writing a thread.

.Net SqlClient Data Provider The text, ntext, and image data types cannot be compared or sorted, except when using IS NULL or LIKE operator.

Todd Anglin said...


I checked with the dev teams and this is a known issue with 3.1 that apparently only happens with SQL Server 2000. It will be fixed in SP1 that should be here by the end of the week.

Let me know if you have any trouble after the SP.