Thursday, January 03, 2008

Prometheus adoption strong

The numbers say it all: adoption of Telerik's new RadControls for ASP.NET "Prometheus" suite is strong. This, according to a super scientific poll run on this blog over the last month, is a good indication that developers (in other words, you) are moving quickly to adopt the ASP.NET AJAX era Microsoft introduced in early 2007. For those living under a rock, "Prometheus" is Telerik's next generation component suite for ASP.NET built directly on ASP.NET AJAX, leveraging Microsoft's latest and greatest web framework to deliver unparalleled performance and features in the most complete ASP.NET UI component suite.

These results also make it very clear that "Prometheus" is a suite that is ready for production development. More than half of survey respondents have already adopted the "Prometheus" components, and almost all other respondents plan to adopt "Prometheus" in 2008. As of Q3 2007, the RadControls for ASP.NET "Prometheus" suite has almost all major ASP.NET components that exist in the "classic" suite. The remaining controls- RadTabstrip, RadToolbar, and RadPanelbar- will be introduced in Q1 2008. The point is this: if you're beginning a new project, the "Prometheus" controls are definitely where you should start.

For the handful of people that have no plans to adopt "Prometheus", hopefully it's simply due conditions that are out of your control. We know that not all projects have the luxury of updating their UI components, so rest assured that Telerik will continue our dedication to supporting ASP.NET 2.0 developers throughout 2008. For everyone else, I hope you're enjoying (or ready to enjoy) the "Prometheus" controls. Get ready for the big celebration in Q1 when the "Prometheus" code name is retired and the complete "Prometheus" suite assumes its roll as the first-class ASP.NET suite.