Friday, February 22, 2008

In case you missed it: Part V

To wrap up this busy week of blogging and welcome the weekend, I've decided to bring you another fine blended edition of "ICYMI." It's been a few months since the last installment, so there's definitely a lot you've missed if you haven't been following the blogs, my "official" ASP.NET blog, or some of the other "big" .NET blogs out there. Fortunately, I've been following all of them for you and I have prepared a short list of links that represents the best of the best content for your weekend reading enjoyment. Usually, I only highlight things you may have missed from the blogs, but with today's big release of new Silverlight 2.0 details, I decided to throw a few extra sources in for fun. And without further delay, the links:

Enjoy the links and the weekend!