Thursday, February 21, 2008

RadControls "Prometheus" becoming RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX in Q1

It's that time again to start talking about the Q1 release for the new year (though, admittedly, the year isn't very new anymore). But rather than talk about all of the cool new features and controls coming to the April Q1 release (and trust me, there are some cool features), I want to instead focus this post on a major milestone transition that will be taking place in Q1 2008. As I am sure you have gathered from this post's title, in Q1 2008 the RadControls for ASP.NET "Prometheus" suite will shed its codename and beta tag to officially become the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

This is a huge milestone that Telerik has been working very hard to reach over the last year. The RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX represent Telerik's next generation RadControls suite for ASP.NET built directly guessed it...ASP.NET AJAX. The new suite, as any of you who have been using Prometheus know, delivers some incredible new controls (such as RadScheduler, RadTooltip, RadColorPicker) and significantly improved performance across all controls (like the really fast RadEditor). The ASP.NET AJAX suite is also delivering exciting new client-side features that enable you to tune the performance of your web apps more precisely than ever.

We settled on the new "RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX" name after a good deal of internal conversation. We wanted to make sure the new name for our ASP.NET controls communicated clearly that the controls are built on an entirely new platform and not just another "Q upgrade" of the ASP.NET controls. In the future, the "old" ASP.NET controls will continue to be referred to as the "RadControls for ASP.NET," but the primary suite of ASP.NET controls that will get most of the attention will be the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

There will be a lot more information about this transition between now and the Q1 release, so don't worry if you have questions that aren't yet answered. Today, we just wanted to introduce you to the new "RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX" name so that you know where "Prometheus" is headed. Make sense? Watch for more news and an updated ASP.NET Road Map soon. Hopefully you're as excited to start using the next gen controls (if you're not already) as we are to get them to you in Q1!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to April release even thou it seems a long time to wait for good things. Let me just pop that one of the greatest things about the next generation is the client site – using the controls without / extending them client site.

Anonymous said...

"(and trust me, there are some cool features)"

You welcome to take about the cool features....

Talk talk talk ;-)

Todd Anglin said...

@Anders- You are very correct. The new things being done on the client are very cool. One of my favorite new client-side features is direct binding to web services for super-fast updates.

@Anon- I will be talking -very- soon. Stay tuned...