Monday, February 04, 2008

Telerik blogs updated, now running on Sitefinity

If you haven't visited the blogs recently, you're in for a treat. They have been completely redesigned and overhauled. If this were "Pimp My Ride," the old blogs running on an ancient version of Community Server would have been some beat-up old Datsun, floor boards rusted through, windshield missing, all held together by duct tape. Beyond repair, this car blog needed a replacement. Stepping up to the plate is Telerik's very own Sitefinity, which now powers the blogs, and has moved us from our junky Datsun to a hot new Audi R8. Okay, enough with the car analogies.

The important news here is that Telerik is helping prove Sitefinity's power by running the blogs on the platform's built-in blogging tools. The Telerik blogs receive thousands of visitors a day, and I think you'll find that they perform very well under the load. The other good news is that to blogging tools are much easier to use than the old tools we were using, so expect to see posts on the blogs to improve in quantity and quality. Enjoy the update!