Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TechExpo 2008 Wrap-up

As you know, last week I had the opportunity to visit the Little Rock area and speak at the 2008 TechExpo. While it was not the first year for the TechExpo (I've learned), it was the "first year" after a short hiatus. This year's event was a re-launch of sorts- a successful re-launch at that. Over 150 people turned out to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to join the .NET fun, and a group of about 7 speakers (self included) served-up sessions on everything from TFS to Silverlight. I personally did 3 sessions: a lunch session about Telerik and RadAjax Prometheus, a session on ASP.NET AJAX and the future of web development, and the closing keynote covering Silverlight 2.

If you were at the TechExpo and attended my sessions, thanks again for coming! If you didn't get to make it out to the Expo, I'm posting my slides and sample code below for your personal enjoyment. The demo code has not been cleaned-up for educational use (i.e. you probably won't find good commenting), so use it as an implementation reference for your own practice and don't try to learn from it directly. If you need help, come visit me at DevConnections later this month in Orlando and I'll be happy to assist!

ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, and the Future of Web Development (Slides & Code)

Intro to Silverlight 2.0 (Slides & Code)