Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slides and Code from GIDS Silverlight Deep Dive

Another day of "bleeding-edge .NET" at the Great Indian Developer Summit and another great presentation to archive. On day one, I had the pleasure of delivering a handful of focused sessions on various Microsoft technologies, but on day two it was all about the Silverlight. Deemed a "workshop" by the schedule, but in reality more like an in-depth presentation, my near 4-hour Silverlight 2.0 Deep Dive was a fun presentation for Silverlight learners of all experience levels. I called it "101 to 301 in 3 hours."

Really, the only negative aspect of the presentation was that the room was too small. We had people filling every seat, crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in the aisles, and spilling out the doors for most of the session. Some GIDS attendees where even willing to stand for over 2-hours to watch the presentation from the door jam. I suspect we managed to cram about 125 or so people in to a room designed for 75, and I know many more simply didn't get to attend because there was no room.

Fortunately, for those that didn't get to get in, all is not lost. At the bottom of this post you can find the slides and code demos from the Silverlight Deep Dive session. In about a month, you'll also be able to grab the video of the session from the conference organizers, who are putting all sessions on a DVD. I want to extend a huge thanks to those of you that did attend, especially those that lasted all 4 hours. I had a great time and you had some great questions. I hope you enjoy these materials and I look forward to meeting many of you again on the .NET road!

Silverlight 2.0 Deep Dive
Slides Code


Bijoy Thangaraj said...

Hi Todd,
Who were the winners of the exclusive Telerik license?

Todd Anglin said...


We drew the winners at the end of the session and they were Chinmoy, Shankara, and Ambili. Thanks to you and everyone for coming out, though! I hope you enjoyed the session.