Monday, May 19, 2008

Telerik at the Great Indian Developer Summit

With day one almost in the rear view mirror, I figured I should fix a bit of an oversight and let you know that I am at the Great Indian Developer Summit this week! I usually try to let you know about my whereabouts when I'm going to be on the road so you can make plans to attend my sessions if you're nearby (or bored, independently wealthy, and willing to buy a plane ticket). In this case, my mad rush to prepare my demos and my international travel left me no time to properly give notice on this blog. I'll do better next time.

But enough with the apologies. If you are in Bangalore (India, for the geographically and context clue challenged), definitely make sure you come to Day Two of the Great Indian Developer Summit. There are hundreds of .NET developers here, a number of great companies in the exhibitor area, and, of course, some great .NET speakers. The event kicked-off today with "Bleeding Edge .NET", and the .NET sessions will run through tomorrow. After that, the event moves-on to "Rich Web" and "Daring Java" to round out the week.

I did three presentations today on three totally different technologies- ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, and WPF. Tomorrow I've got a fun 3+ hour Silverlight "deep dive." I should have asked to do a WinForms presentation and then made it a home run of .NET UI platform presentations! Today's presentations were very well attended and all went pretty smooth. I'll throw another post up later with my code and presentations, though, so I'll save the recap for that.

All-in-all, it looks like GIDS is off to a great start as one of India's premier .NET events and I can't wait to be a part of it in future years. Stay tuned for more updates and some great GIDS stories. Also, for those of you eagerly awaiting my next installment in the "Optimization" series, I haven't forgotten about you. I promise that I'll get that series back in gear as soon as I get back to the States!


Anonymous said...


Your sessions on ASP.NET Ajax and ASP.NET MVC were great. For a novice like me could gain lots of things about Ajax.
Looking forward for your tomorrow's talk- Silverlight Deep Dive.

Asit said...

While you are there in Bangalore, India, you must see the craze of IPL.

Vivek said...

Interesting session on MVC, Thanks! .I was taken away - that was pretty much Ruby on Rails.

Hope you liked INDIA. Have a good time around :)

Todd Anglin said...

@Mohamed- Thanks the positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the sessions! Watch for the slides and code soon.

@Asit- I've seen it. In fact, there was a game last night and we could see the massive stadium lights from the Speaker's Dinner location. It's definitely -the- sport of India.

@Vivek- Glad you liked the MVC session. There is no question MVC looks and feels a lot like RoR- that's in effect one of the goals. As for India, it's been great so far. I only regret I don't have more time to sight see. Maybe next year... :)


Asit said...

Correction. Cricket is not a sport in India. It is a religion :)

sanjaykattimani said...

Hey Todd,
I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions on Ajax and Silverlight. You are undoubtedly the best speaker among all sessions that I attended during

Wish you all the best.