Friday, November 14, 2008

Register for new MSDN Developer Conference today

Have you heard? Microsoft is starting a new conference that is aiming to bring the "best of PDC to your backyard." The conference, dubbed "MSDN Developer Conference" (or MSDN DevCon for short, or MDC for really short), is kicking-off on December 9th in Houston and then making 10 other stops around the country, ending in San Francisco in late February. The sessions for all MDC stops are the same, and the topics cover everything from Oslo to Windows Azure to Silverlight to WPF and ASP.NET vNext road maps. If you are interested in learning more about what Microsoft introduced at PDC, the MDC events are definitely the best way for you to get your information. The conference isn't free, but the registration fee is just $99 (about 1.5 technical books worth, as DevLink would say). Think of the fee as a barrier to make sure the events don't sell out to people that don't plan on attending. Beyond that, you can register online to save your seat at any of the 11 city stops. If you do register, do my North Houston .NET User Group a favor and use the RSVP code "NHDNUG" during registration. And one last note: if you are in the Houston or Dallas area, I will be speaking at both MDC's in those cities. I'd love to meet you if you're a Telerik Fan, so that's even more reason for you to register today and come on out to MDC! Register for MDC now