Friday, November 07, 2008

Telerik Watch Minute: OpenAcess ORM Fetch Plans

In this third and final (for PDC) interview with Jan Blessenohl (OpenAcess ORM Team Lead), I ask Jan to show us how we can optimize the SQL queries OpenAcess produces. One feature that many ORMs provide, including OpenAcess, is Lazy Loading- or the concept of only loading objects when you need them in code. This is great for many scenarios as it saves you from loading more data than you need, but there are scenarios when you want to tell your ORM to load more agressively (for instance, when displaying data in a grid). In this video, Jan demonstrates how to create OpenAcess ORM Fetch Plans that enable us to easily optimize the SQL queries OpenAcess generates without requiring us to change the actual code of our query or object at all! So if you already understand the basics of forward mapping and reverse engineering, this video will help you go to the next step of optimization.


Asit said...

A note about the video player. It would be very convenient to show the length of the video (in minutes) that is being played. So next to the play/pause button you have a number, starting from zero, indicating the seconds the video has played and on right of the slider it shows the total duration of the video in the beginning. And as the video plays, it reduces, indicating the time left.

Anonymous said...

My compliments to you Todd, and Jan for this great introductionary video's! At first I was a bit unsure about what OpenAccess could deliver for me to be a good extra tool, but now it's becoming very clear. Impressive stuff!