Sunday, May 17, 2009

Advanced Disconnected API with OpenAccess ORM webinar

Looking for more Telerik OpenAccess ORM in-depth training? Your next chance is coming-up: on June 2nd, the expert trainers at Falafel will do a special 2-hour webinar covering advanced techniques for using the disconnected API with OpenAccess ORM. Specifically, the webinar will demonstrate how to build an application using a real-world architecture with OpenAccess, and in the process it will cover the following topics:

  • Options for moving data across the wire
  • ObjectContainer vs ObjectScope
  • Using ChangeSets
  • WCF Example
  • N-Tier Example
  • Resolving Exceptions

This will be a free webinar! This is a great time to come see how you can use OpenAccess in a more "real world" setting than simple demos can convey, so definitely make plans to attend this webinar if you've been looking for examples showing OpenAccess in n-tier scenarios. Things get kicked-off at 12 noon Eastern Time (9AM Pacific) on Tuesday, the 2nd.

Register now to reserve your seat at the live event


Paul said...

Quick question (or two) How come this wasn't on the Telerik page?! I missed it, will it be on

Todd Anglin said...

@Paul- You haven't missed this event! It will be held on June 2nd, so you've got about a week and half to prepare. :) Register now so you don't forget it then. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

Just getting started with OpenAccess and wondered if this webinar was recorded and if it will be available on as I missed it by a couple of days.


Todd Anglin said...

@Anon- Yes, it was recorded and it should be on TTV early next week. The recording is being processed now. Hope that help!


Anonymous said...

I am unable to locate the recorded version. Where can I find it?