Friday, May 29, 2009

Chrome 2 and VS 2010 support in SP2

In case you missed the news in this week's SP2 announcement, Telerik is now the first component vendor offering "official" support for Chrome 2 and "official" compatibility with VS2010 Beta 1. Let me be quick to clarify that "official" compatibility for a beta product like VS2010 means that we've tested our controls to ensure there are no major issues with the new release, but it is still possible that some bugs exist. We will continue to address these bugs as VS 2010 evolves and we appreciate your feedback along the way to ensure there are no hidden problems when VS2010 officially ships. When VS2010 does ship, our "official beta compatibility" will become "official support" with the next regularly scheduled release. For Chrome, we have continued our dedication to being the fastest component vendor to support new official browser builds with SP2. We know you can't control when your users upgrade their browsers (in many cases) and that you need controls that are ready when new browsers ship. As such, our dev team worked extra hard to test the RadControls against Chrome2 and fixed several issues that the new browser introduced. If you need to support Chrome, make sure you download and install Q1 2009 SP2 or greater. We hope this fast attention to new releases continues to give you the competitive advantage when using Telerik RadControls in your projects by enabling you to rapidly adapt to a changing environment. We don't stop working to make your lives easier- as always, let us know if you think there is anything we can do even better to make your lives even easier.