Monday, May 18, 2009

More OpenAccess ORM training opportunities

If the OpenAccess ORM webinar in a couple of weeks is not enough training for you, there are even more options now available from Falafel. Announced last week, Falafel will be offering complete OpenAccess ORM training courses, beginning this June. These 2-day instructor-lead courses will literally teach you everything you need to know to effectively work with OpenAccess ORM to build real applications. A complete course outline is avaialable on Falafel's website, but needless to say, it covers just about everything from getting started to optimization.

  • Open Class - 2-day, hosted in beach-front training center in Capitola, CA. Best for individuals and small teams. $799/person. Next open class is June 11th - 12th.
  • Online - 3-day, virtual GoToMeeting training. Personalized attention. Custom scheduling/pricing for your team.
  • On-site - 2-day, at your offices. Perfect for larger teams. Personalized for your organization. Custom scheduling/pricing.
There is no better way to get up-to-speed with OpenAccess than one of these classes, so I encourage you to register now for the open class or give Falafel a call for a custom class if your team is going to use OpenAccess ORM in a project. Enjoy!