Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking ahead to Q2 2010, Part 1

futureExit I know, I know. You’ve just started looking at the Q1 service packs, you’re still trying to digest all of last week’s announcements, and now we’re already talking about Q2?! Time marches on, and Q2, believe or not, will be here in less than three months. With three major releases every year, things move fast at Telerik. What can you expect to find in the next major release?

Fortunately, there are road maps for that, and many of the Developer Tools road maps are now available on Telerik.com. Here are some direct links and highlights from the Q2 2010 road maps:

  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
    • [NEW CONTROL] TagCloud
    • [FEATURE] RadAsyncUpload – New Flash/Silverlight upload modes
    • [FEATURE] RadEditor – Option to have DIV content area instead of IFRAME
    • [FEATURE] RadGrid – New GridDragDropColumn
    • [FEATURE] RadListView – Client template support
    • [FEATURE] RadScheduler – Reminders + time zone support
    • [MAJOR UPDATE] RadRotator – Load-on-demand support + carousel mode
    • SharePoint 2010 web parts for Grid and Editor
  • Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
    • [NEW CONTROL] Combobox
    • [NEW CONTROL] Editor
    • [NEW CONTROL] Window
    • [FEATURE] Grid – Hierarchy, edit form, and resizable column support
  • RadControls for WinForms
    • [MAJOR UPDATE] RadGridView – new data engine + many new UI features
    • [NEW CONTROL] Desktop Alert
    • [NEW CONTROL] TabView
    • [FEATURE] RadScheduler – Reminders, Time Zones, + many new features
    • [FEATURE] RibbonBar – New Office 2010 UX
    • 30% performance improvement in TPF thanks to new optimizations and caching

Be sure to click on the links to examine the full road maps in detail. There is obviously much more happening in Q2 than I highlighted here, so read the road maps if you want all of the nitty-gritty.

There are also clearly some “missing” road maps today. They will be published towards the end of this week and early next. Stay tuned for part two of “looking ahead” for the links and highlights for XAML, ORM, Reporting, and JustCode. Until then, set your alarms and start dreaming of the ways you can use the new controls and features when they ship in July.