Friday, April 16, 2010

New divisions at Telerik, DevConnections wrap-up

vs2010-yellow-ninja In case you weren’t watching the Telerik Blogs, or the Telerik Twitter account, or the Telerik Facebook Page, we were in Las Vegas this week celebrating the launch of Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, and…the introduction of two new divisions at Telerik! A busy week to say the least. We also re-launched and launched a beta of the new Telerik TV (more details soon).

On Monday, we introduced two new divisions at Telerik:

  • Team Productivity Tools
  • Automated Testing Tools

Team Productivity Tools
This brand new division has been created to focus on building tools that help teams better collaborate and work efficiently through the entire application lifecycle. At Telerik, we recognize that building great software doesn’t start with writing code, it starts with capturing ideas, planning requirements, and managing the software development process. As a software development company ourselves, we see gaps in the tools available today for accomplishing these tasks and we aim to fill those gaps with the tools coming out of this division. This division is based in Winnipeg, Canada and headed by ALM and TFS expert (and Microsoft RD) Joel Semeniuk.

We introduced the beta of the first new tool out of this division this week:

  1. TeamPulse (licensing TBA)
    TeamPulse is best described as a planning sandbox for TFS. It helps teams quickly capture project requirements, define application personas, and plan the work that must be done to build software. It’s an innovative tool built on Silverlight 4 that we think will be essential to any TFS shop.

Automated Testing Tools
This division is the result of a merger with ArtOfTest, the company Telerik has been partnered with for the last year to provide WebUI Test Studio. Now that we can operate as one company, we can more effectively combine our efforts and bring new solutions to the automated testing and QA world. This new division establishes a Telerik office in Austin, Texas (my neighbor), and it is headed by Christopher Eyhorn and Faris Sweis.

At the same time, we’re introducing two new versions of WebUI Test Studio:

  1. WebUI Test Studio QA Edition ($2499)
    Aimed at the non-technical QA, this is a standalone version of WebUI Test Studio that does not require Visual Studio. It’s brand new and super easy to use. It sports TFS integration to ensure dev teams can easily collaborate with QA teams.
  2. WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition ($1499)
    This is the “replacement” for the original WebUI Test Studio edition. It’s aimed at developers and it is a Visual Studio plug-in that provides all of the features found in the QA edition.

Clearly, with news this big, it dominated our time at DevConnections and demanded that we do something special. Something like our in-your-face green .NET Ninja shirts that over 200 people wore to the Silverlight 4 keynote, our Telerik VIP Lounge party bracelets, our green Telerik guitars given away by Carl Franklin and his band (that we flew to Vegas to perform), and no less than 4 unique t-shirt designs given away at the booth! It was a big week and everyone that engaged with Telerik went home a winner.

Stay tuned for much more news about our new products, our new divisions, and new things happening across all of the existing areas where Telerik is working hard! Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page for more photos from DevConnections and new videos coming soon.