Monday, June 28, 2010

Ask the Experts webinar scheduled for August

monkey-expert By now, you should know that the Telerik Q2 2010 release is mere weeks away and that the Q2 2010 Webinar Week registration is open. (You should also be registered for the Webinar Week now, too, so if you’re not, now is a great time to register before you forget.) When mid-July arrives and you download the Q2 bits, you’ll quickly get started by enjoying the “release notes on steroids” (also known as Webinar Week), but what happens if you have questions after you’ve spent some time using the bits in the real world?

To help answer those burning questions that form in the first week of working with the Q2 2010 bits, Telerik is hosting another Ask the Experts webinar on August 5th at 11 AM Eastern.

What is Ask the Experts? It’s a unique webinar format driven entirely by your questions. Telerik MVPs and product experts host the event and spend over an hour answering any questions you have about the Q2 release. The event is full of on-the-spot demos and quick tips and tricks from real masters of the Telerik products. It’s the perfect Webinar Week follow-up.

Register for the Ask the Experts webinar now and then join us on August 5th with your questions!