Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dallas TechFest 2010 Wrap-up

dallasTechFest-10 On Friday, I made the quick 3 hour drive from Houston to Dallas to participate in another Dallas TechFest. The Big D’s TechFest is put-on by Microsoft MVP Tim Rayburn and Telerik is a proud sponsor of the event. Unlike many “.NET events,” TechFest truly draws a diverse crowd of developers, with a fair mix of .NET, Java, PHP, Flex, and other “developer flavors” filling the sessions. This year’s event expected more than 400 developers, and I’d say they drew at least that to the University of Texas at Dallas campus.

Building on the popularity of a session originally presented at the Toronto Code Camp, I presented my “Getting Familiar with HTML5” talk to another standing room-only audience. Thanks to everyone that attended, and thanks for the great questions! It was fun to do this session with a group of developers with very diverse backgrounds and focuses.

Updated slides from this session are available below, complete with a resources page filled with related HTML5 links. Your next chance to hear this session live (along with some others) is devLink (this Thursday!), so if you’re curious and want to learn more, find your way to Nashville and be sure to visit my 4:00 PM session.

The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML5 [Slides PDF]