Monday, August 30, 2010

Q2 Service Packs now available

vs-reminders Looking for some updates for your Q2 2010 Telerik tools? If you’ve got the Telerik Extensions for Visual Studio installed, you’ve probably already seen the automatic notification that newer bits are available (one of my favorite Telerik VSX features!). If not, here’s your official notice that Q2 2010 SP1s are now available for download on Over the last week, we’ve shipped service pack updates for most of tools in the Telerik Ultimate Collection, from JustCode to WebUI Test Studio. Here are some quick highlights of what you’ll find in these SPs, along with the new version numbers and links to the release notes for quick reference:

  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (2010.2.826)
    • Fixed support for ASP.NET 4 new ClientIDModes
    • [RadAsyncUpload] Added detailed error info to Flash upload module
    • [RadListView] Added support for custom item drag handles
    • [RadCalendar] Added keyboard navigation between dates
    • [RadEditor] 15 fixes, including improved cross-browser content generation
    • [RadGrid] 20 fixes, including improvements export formatting and behavior
    • Team blog post
  • RadControls for Silverlight/WPF (2010.2.0812)
    • [RadGridView] TONS of work, including new commands, performance improvements, and visual
    • [RadRichTextBox] TONS of work and refactoring. This release improves greatly on the first Q2 release, but there could be breaking changes. I highly recommend starting with this SP if you’re going to work with RichTextBox!
    • [RadChart] Added option to hide zero-value labels + 14 fixes
    • [RadDataPager] Added new unbound mode support
    • [RadTreeView] Added IsChecked property of type Nullable<Bool> to nodes
    • [RadRibbonBar] Added keyboard navigation
    • [RadMediaPlayer] Added poster frame support + property to disable seeking
    • [RadBook] New support to preload pages
    • [RadTransition] New transition effect: Pixelate
    • Assembly Minifier performance and optimization improvements
    • Team blog post
  • RadControls for WinForms (2010.2.10.806)
    • NEW! Conversion Wizard to help auto-convert obsolete PanelBar, TabStrip, ComboBox, and ListBox controls to the newer, more powerful RadPageView, RadDropDownList, and RadListControl replacements.
    • [RadGridView] Over 25 fixes and improvements
    • [RadListControl] A few breaking changes. See the release notes for details!
    • [RadScheduler] Improved layout behavior and performance
    • Team blog post
  • JustCode (2010.2.826)
    • Auto-update can now check for new “internal” builds
    • Visual aids OnMouseOver can now be disabled, keyboard access added
    • Many Good-Code-Red issues fixed (thanks for reporting scenarios!)
    • Many improvements to JustCode Unit Test Runner
    • Team blog post
  • JustMock (2010.2.810)
    • NEW! Added support for mocking F#
    • ReturnsCollection method moved to Telerik.JustMock.Helpers namespace
    • Many improved mocking scenarios. See release notes for full details.
  • WebUI Test Studio (2010.2.830)
    • Project upgrade wizard (auto backup of project and upgrade to new version)
    • [Silverlight] Improved support for handling pop-ups, tooltips.
    • Improved translators for RadControls for Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX
    • Many, many improvements across recording, test playback, and Dev/QA Editions. See releases notes for long list of details.
    • Team blog post

Obviously missing from this list are Telerik Reporting and OpenAccess ORM. At present, neither of these tools will be shipping a Q2 2010 SP1 and are instead working hard on big new features for Q3 2010. For updates to these tools, make sure you check the Latest Internal Builds page on (OpenAccess currently has a 2010.2.804 build, and Telerik Reporting a build).

Enjoy the new round of bits and stay tuned for Q3 2010 news! As the hot days of summer start to (hopefully) cool, we march ever closer to the next major Telerik release. Road Maps for Q3 2010 will start going live this week, so keep your RSS readers locked-in to Telerik Watch for more updates.

Download all of the Q2 2010 SP1 Telerik tools